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Presenters 2023 (come back for more profiles)


Keith Henry,CEO 

Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada


Mr. Keith Henry is a Métis person that was born in Thompson, Manitoba and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Mr. Henry achieved a B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan in 1995.

Mr. Henry began his career in 1995 with teaching positions and has become well known for his strategic administrative and negotiations skills. Since 1998 Mr. Henry has led numerous provincial, federal and industry negotiations on a variety of issues. He has been directly responsible for financial administration of a number of Aboriginal non-profits and has a proven track record of success.

Mr. Henry has become an international Aboriginal cultural tourism leader receiving Aboriginal/Indigenous recognition as the former CEO for Aboriginal Tourism Association of British Columbia (AtBC). In April 2014 the inaugural World Indigenous Tourism Alliance award recognized the work of AtBC and Mr. Henry’s leadership. Mr. Henry has been spearheading the growth of authentic Aboriginal tourism in Canada as he worked to redevelop the national Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada as elected chair when this organization incorporated in April 2015. In October 2015 Mr. Henry took the full time role as the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada’s CEO.

In Canada Mr. Henry continues to be recognized across the country as one of the leaders in Aboriginal tourism and has led many new initiatives including the national strategy entitled “The Path Forward 2016-2021”, contributions to the development of national standards on market readiness and authenticity, cruise industry opportunities and the national Aboriginal tourism research project on the economic value of Aboriginal cultural tourism. Mr. Henry was instrumental in the development of the national Aboriginal tourism strategy The Path Forward 2016-2021 which will focus on increasing Aboriginal market readiness, increasing jobs, and increasing revenues. Over the course of the last number of years Mr. Henry has been invited to numerous international locations to support Aboriginal tourism strategies.

Mr. Henry volunteers time in the Aboriginal community and maintains several board positions including the former President of the Industry Council for Aboriginal Business, former chair of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, current Chair for the Native Education College, member of the Minister’s Council on Tourism, former member of the Vancouver Board of Trade’s Aboriginal Opportunities Committee, member of the World Indigenous Tourism Alliance, member of the International Marketing Committee Destination Canada member, and current President of the BC Métis Federation.


Corrina Kapeller 


Corrina Kapeller currently works within the Industry Development department in Tourism Saskatchewan as the Regional Tourism Development Consultant.   The industry development department is responsible for assisting in the development of tourism related businesses and initiatives throughout the province.

Before being employed with Tourism Saskatchewan Corrina owned and operated her own guest ranch business with her family near Arborfield SK for 15 years.

During that time, she was also on the Executive of the East Central Tourism Region as the Membership chair and eventually moved into the Marketing manager position before the region was dissolved into the operations of Tourism Saskatchewan in 2011.

Jordyn Headshot.JPG

Jordyn Burnouf, 

Pemmican Lodge

Jordyn Burnouf grew up in Île-à-la-Crosse and is a member of Black Lake First Nation. Jordyn is a Sr. Associate with the consulting firm, Medicine Rope Strategies (M-R Strategies), dedicated to providing sustainable, practical, and innovative approaches to community, economic, and strategic partnership development. With a strong passion and relationship with the land, Jordyn is the Director of Culture and Programming with a focus on land-based connections to environment, energy, and cultural inclusion. Jordyn is a member of Indigenous Clean Energy's Advisory Council, and as the Co-Chair of the 2021 SevenGen Indigenous Youth Energy Summit.


Kim Burnouf, CEO

Pemmican Lodge

Kimgrew up in Île-â-la Crosse and is a member of Black Lake First Nation. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Indigenous Studies from NorPAC. Kim has a vast history working with youth, Elders, and is a community builder through positions with Battleford River Treaty Six Health and the White Buffalo Youth Lodge.


 As the CEO of Pemmican Lodge, Kim has a vision of creating a space for all visitors to experience the land, culture, and all the joys and beauty northern Saskatchewan has to offer.

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